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  How do our bodies know when to grow?  Our bodies know when to grow because of hormones that our body makes. It sends these hormones to cells. The hormones tell our cells to start multiplying at a fast rate. They have to multiply faster then cells of the same type our dying. Some cells don’t replace themselves when other ones die. Brain cells don’t get replaced when there is damage. The lifespan of cells is different depending on the type. Nerve cells can live up to 100 years. Some cells will only live for a couple hundred days.

Do you like to know how things work?  Come here to find out how the universe works—from the world of cells to the world of galaxies.  You will find out what we know and what we don’t know.  And who knows…maybe one day you will help figure out the mysteries of our existence!
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  How do cells grow?  Some people think that we grow because our cells get bigger. We actually grow because the cells in our body multiply at a faster rate then other ones die. Our cells are always dividing, but when it is time for you to grow, cell division in your body speeds up. Your whole body has to do this at the same time otherwise you will be very deformed. When a cell divides, it makes a complete copy of its DNA, which is the blueprints of a living thing. It tells cells what to do. The new cell then forms and it splits in two. 
Why do we grow? We grow because of how we develop. We have to start out small because it would be impossable to be born the same size as your mother. Being smaller, you are easier to care for. We have to be born small, and we then have to grow, otherwise people would keep getting smaller because you would have to be born smaller then your parents.