Odd but Awesome is our way of giving you completely random fun facts... of doom! That's right, it's our halloween issue, and creepy crawlies are abundant. We've got the facts on mosquitoes, ticks, flies, and did I mention mosquitoes? Ever wondered what a tsetse fly might carry? Of course you haven't, but we're going to tell you anyway.
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By Nic

Coming to a Person Near YOU.......
Fleas on rats passed the potentially deadly disease, the Bubonic Plague, onto humans from 1347-1351. Also known as the Black Death, this epidemic killed around 75 million worldwide.
Female mosquitoes can pass malaria through their bites on to humans, a disease which kills up to 1.5 million a year.
Infected tsetse flies can give a person “sleeping sickness”, a condition which causes drowsiness and fever, and kills 40,000 people a year.
The giant Amazon leech can grow up to 18 inches long, and can suck four times its body weight in blood.

The record jump for a flea is 13 in (33 cm), the equivalent of a person jumping over a 50-story building.

Some ticks can last for more than a year without a meal.
The castor bean tick can become 200 times its original size when filled with blood.

One Mexican parrot carries 30 different species of mites on its feathers alone.
Source: Ask Me Everything,​ published by DK, and contributed to by many.
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