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Art and Poetry by Kate
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Many Fears

Things that fly,
Things that crawl,
Things that slither up the wall

Things that bite,
Things that slice,
Things that aren’t very nice

Things that claw,
Things that eat,
Things that get you on your feet,

Things that screech,
Things that cry,
Things that make you run and hide

Things that howl,
Things that growl,
Things that can be really loud

Things that make us scream in fright
Things that make us curl up tight

But read the facts and then you’ll know,
These things are really all just show

So calm your fears and just sit tight

I promise that you’ll be alright.

Art and Poetry by Kate
​ From the eyes of the ghost
Why do people scream and hide when I innocently float by?

To play with someone in the sun,

So why do people shriek and run

 When I just want to have some fun?