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One Halloween, I went with my friend to a haunted house at the local horse center. We expected the walk through the stables to be fun and maybe slightly scary. It ended up being a terrifying experience.

At the start, a guide greeted us wearing a scary mask. They led us through a curtain into a dark space. We thought that that was the end of it, but when we pushed aside another curtain, our guide had dissapeared. What followed was an alarming trip in which we encountered a mad scientist wielding a bucther's knife, evil clowns, and a man chasing us with a chainsaw, among other things.

In this month's issue of KidzPost, we go beyond Halloween and focus on the theme of fear. In the following pages, you'll ecounter scary stories, a poem from the eyes of a ghost, trick-or-treating tips, and much more. I hope you're as entertained as I was that Halloween at the horse center.
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