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Welcome to Columbia KidzPost, an e-zine produced by middle school kids in Columbia, Maryland, for YOU.  We are an Improv and Innovations Team with Passion2Build Leadership Training (see  

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Ever since before I was born, there has always been at least one cat in my house. Pumpkin and Molly, who were young cats when I was born, each lived to 20 years old. But a few years ago, they both started having kidney trouble,and, eventually, died.

I was extremely sad. I thought I could never get another cat. But two Octobers ago, we decided it was time to start again. We went to the shelter and adopted a black cat rescued from the streets of Baltimore. Her name is Snoop, and she is quiet and really sweet. I will never forget my other cats, but Snoop is a great kitty.

In this month's issue of KidzPost, we look at New Year's and the theme of new beginnings. In the following pages, you'll ecounter recycling resolutions, a dog who comes back to life for a second chance, facts about metamorphosis, and much more. I hope you have as much fun as I do with Snoop. Remember, new beginnings can be really great!
Editor: Rosa
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Managing Editor
It’s 2013! Here at Kidzpost, we’re ringing in the new year with our January issue. Because we’re just as excited as you are for 2013, this issue is themed accordingly, with many of the pages sharing the topic of new beginnings.