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In this issue of KidzPost the theme is “New Year, New Beginnings”, so I chose a book about a dog who gets a lot of new beginnings. Enjoy!

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Have you ever had a pet who you loved very much? Have you ever had a pet die? If you have, you probably wished that it could come back to life. This book is about a dog who does just that.

Toby is a stray dog who is brought to a shelter. But when he gets into a fight with another dog, he has to be put down. Suddenly, he is aware of being a puppy again. This time, however, he looks different. His name is Bailey and he is adopted by a boy who loves him very much. Bailey continues to change bodies, learning more about his purpose with every life.

The really interesting thing about this book is that it is narrated by a dog. He doesn't understand human language or behavior, but the reader does. For example, he thinks of a wedding as when lots of people sit in chairs and his masters walk between them and then talk for a while. It's like a story about humans from the point of view of a dog. And if you like this story, there's a sequel: A Dog's Journey

A Dog's Purpose
by W. Bruce Cameron
Review and Illustration by Rosa