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by Sean
 by Sean
Sports Roundtable with 
Avery, Sean and Nic
​Should Lance Armstrong's 7 Tour de France titles be given to the second place rider?

​I think that the titles should be given to the second place riders. If the titles were not given to them, it would be like those races never even happened. This would be unfair to the other riders, because they worked very hard in the races, and probably could've won if Lance Armstrong hadn't been cheating. Therefore, I believe that the titles won by Armstrong should be given to the runners up for those races
Yes, the title should be given to the second place riders because otherwise there would be no true winner for that year.  Also, the other riders worked so hard and should be given the opportunity to receive that honor of the Tour de France title.
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D.I.Y Sports: How to Shoot a Soccer Ball
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Shooting a Soccer ball

First known expedition of horse racing takes place in Egypt
Chariot racing becomes an event of the Olympic games
First recorded race meet in England
First recorded boxing match
First international boxing match - Bob Whittaker beats Tito di Carni
First cricket match is played in America
First women's golf tournament is held
RJ Tyers patents roller skates
First baseball game played in America
First recorded bowling match in America
First US skating club formed
National Association of Baseball Players founded in New York
The bowling ball is invented
A Hawaiian surfs in highest wave ever, a 50 foot tall tidal wave
First baseball league game
First Preakness Stakes

Don Shula – winningest NFL coach (Miami Dolphins)
A.J. Foyt – 4-time winner of the Indianapolis 500 race
Muhammad Ali – The world’s most famous boxer and peace activist
Wayne Gretzky – The Great One, championship hockey player
Boris Spassky – Russian chess champion defeated by Bobby Fischer
Jackie Robinson - First African-American baseball player in the major leagues
I think Lance Armstrong’s Tour De France titles should be given to the second place winners, because it is the only fair option. Normally if someone is disqualified during a race, the race goes on without the disqualified person and a winner is declared. I think the same thing should happen if someone is disqualified after a race. The other cyclists probably feel cheated that Lance took away the trophies because of an illegal advantage, so the titles should be given to their rightful owners.