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In this issue of KidzPost the theme is “Thanksgiving and Family”, so I chose a book about a family. Enjoy!

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Almost everyone has heard of Sherlock Holmes. There have been countless movies about the 19th century master detective and an obvious image comes to mind when you hear his name. But the stories are more than just “Elementary, my dear Watson.” It’s actually really interesting to follow along as Holmes and Watson solve mysteries.

Sherlock Holmes is a man with great powers of deduction. He can solve mysteries that have the police stumped. Though he gets many famous clients from the King of Bohemia to British nobles, he doesn’t work for the money. He just loves to solve mysteries.

You might ask, “How does this relate to this month’s theme?” Many of the mysteries of this book are very scary. “The Engineer’s Thumb” for example, is about an engineer called on in the middle of the night to fix a machine in a dark house. The homeowner is a huge, imposing man. When the engineer starts to get curious, his employer locks him in the very machine he was called to fix.  

If you like mysteries, especially when you get to try to follow along and find the solution, you will enjoy “The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes”.
Review and Illustration by Rosa

If you're like me, you went on a vacation this summer. Where did you go? Many people have annoying siblings they have to put up with over the summer. Many people have to endure a long car ride to get to their vacation. But almost everyone has fun once they get there. This is what happens to four girls in this book.

The four Penderwick sisters- Jane, Skye, Rosalind, and Batty- think that they're going to have a boring summer, but then they find themselves at a cottage on huge grounds. They have even more fun once they meet Jeffrey, the perfect companion for their adventures. Jeffrey's mother, the owner of the estate, doesn't like her son's new friends. She warns them to be good and stay out of mischief. They'll totally be able to do that. Right?

This is one of my favorite books. It matches the theme of "family" perfectly. Each of the four sisters has their own personality, and I love the dynamic between them. Jeffrey becomes like a brother to them as the story goes on. The girls' father and their dog, Hound, are also great characters. This is the first of three books, and I would suggest reading all of them.
The Penderwicks
by Jeanne Birdsall
Review and Illustration by Rosa