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Passion2Build Initiative

Dear Readers: 

Each issue of Columbia Kidz Post, I will write a new chapter.  Keep reading to find out what happens!  

You will find the most recent chapter at the top of the page.  If this is your first time visiting my page, start at the bottom with Chapter 1 and move up.

My name is Ava Sophia. All I ever wanted was to just fit in at Summerville High School. I only want to be talked about because I play an epic game of rugby. But I don’t think anyone knows I play rugby except for my two friends, Leah and Melanie. They are my only friends. Tonight we are going downtown to a party for a girl in our school named Bri. I doubt she even knows we exist, but it is her birthday party and she invited everyone in the 10th grade.

So after a long day of school,. Leah and Melanie came over to my house and we got ready to go together. We all picked from a selection of pretty dresses. Leah picked out a light pearly green dress, Melanie a dark purple, and I picked out a light pink dress, because it matched my mood. Then we got into my new little neon green punch buggy, that I named Shaniqua, with me as the driver. I had only gotten my driver’s license two months ago and my insides were jumping. I felt like the car was made for me. Of course I couldn’t leave the house without my mom constantly giving me a list of rules, “Be safe, don’t text, seat belts on, call us when you get there, but not in the car, don’t go too fast, no drinking, not when you drive, and you’re too young anyway, make sure you stay together…”

My parents only stopped talking because I had finally moved out of range of their voices. I guess they stopped, cause I couldn’t hear then anymore. It took a while to get there because we lived in the outer suburbs, and even though we used our GPS, we made a couple wrong turns and got lost. The GPS kept recalculating and informing us of its intentions in its annoying computerized voice. Finally we arrived, but had to drive several blocks away to find parking.

The party was a total blur., mainly because it turned out to be a dance party—they had a lot of songs where you jump up and down and bob your head. I had a headache and when I finally couldn’t stand it anymore, I called out “Leah! Mel!” 

We said our goodbyes and headed out toward my car. Little did I know how dark it had gotten Leah’s voice started to shake, “It’s so dark out here; anybody remember where we parked?”

Mel gave a quiet wail, “We were only there for a couple hours, how did it get so dark?” 

We began walking down the street, looking for the car. I was trudging at the back of the group, really tired and with a throbbing head. All of the sudden I felt an icy hand from behind me grab one of my hands. I let out a shriek, “Help.” However, it came out like a muffled subway announcement, because there was another hand covering my mouth.  

Suddenly the litany of my parent’s instructions hit me like a wave. Oh how I wished they were here, spewing out rules.  The thought faded away with my vision and hearing.  And when consciousness returned, my world was still black and soundless.
~~Ava Sophia~~
           Chapter I
              On the Move.....
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Rebecca Dietz  443 326-3816
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Passion2Build Initiative

It was dark and cold, well at least those were the first two things that I noticed. I realized that I left my jacket in my car. WAIT-where am I? Gosh, I have no idea where I am! Suddenly my train of thought is interrupted by a light flickering on in the distance--not brightly, only very dimly. It is only giving enough light for me to be able to see about a foot in front of me. The only thing in sight is a bed; one that I am sitting on. Now I press into my memory as far as I can, trying to remember last night, or at least I think it was last night I have no way of telling how long I have been here--sleeping or unconscious? All that comes to mind was dancing and the icy hand. Which doesn't help at all; in fact these memories are making matters worse as they only bring up new questions. My world is now only full of questions, no answers. That is the worst part. Suddenly, as fast as the light had turned on, it is now blocked. It seems as though it being hidden by someone, not something, and I think they are approaching me and my bed. I hear a hushed whisper, “Ava Sophia?”  Shaking, I urge words to come, but nothing does. Impatiently, with more power. they repeat, “Ava Sophia??” 
~~ Ava Sophia ~~
              Chapter 2
                  The Room