Odd but Awesome is our way of giving you completely random fun facts. Thanksgiving is around the corner, and the election was exciting, too. So, this issue, we're combining the two to make... Electiongiving! Anyways, here are some facts on both elections and Thanksgiving. Enjoy!
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By Nic

On average, every American ate 13.3 pounds of turkey in 2009

There are a total of four areas in the US named after the turkey:
-Turkey Creek, Louisiana
-Turkey, Texas
-Turkey Creek, Arizona
-Turkey, North Carolina

Around 2.4 billion lbs of sweet potatoes were produced in 2010, weighing more than 250,000 elephants

There is only one place in the US named Pilgrim, but 37 places named Plymouth

In 2008, over $1.74 billion was raised for the campaigns, and a total of $1.32 billion was spent

Victoria Woodfull became the first woman to run for president in 1872

Ronald Reagan is the only divorced man to be elected president, and James Buchanan is the only

Eight presidents have died in office, four of them assassinated:
-William Henry Harrison (pneumonia)
-Zachary Taylor (gastroenteritis)
-Abraham Lincoln (assassin)
-James Garfield (assassin)
-William McKinley (assassin)
-Warren Harding (heart attack)
-Franklin D. Roosevelt (cerebral hemorrhage)
-John F. Kennedy (assassin)

John Kennedy is the youngest elected US president at 43, while Ronald Reagan is the oldest at 73

Gerald Ford is the only vice president and president who wasn’t elected for either position; he took
over for VP Spiro Agnew when he resigned, and then for Nixon when he resigned from presidency 
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