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Every Thanksgiving, I go to upstate New York to visit family. When I'm there, I always go with my family to run the local Turkey Trot. It's really fun because:  1. it's a pretty easy run, 2. there are always a lot of kids there, and 3. people always wear turkey costumes and funny hats. 

One year, my family went for Thanksgiving somewhere else, and we had to run a different Turkey Trot.  I was a little worried becuse it was a new course in a town I wasn't used to. There were a ton of people there, so we had to stand in line in the cold for a long time just to register. But once I started running, I had a great time. My mom ran with me the whole time and my dad and brothers were waiting at the end.

In this month's issue of KidzPost, we look at Thanksgiving and the theme of family. In the following pages, you'll ecounter turkey tales, a poem about family, facts about presidents and elections, and much more. I hope you have as much fun as I do on Thanksgiving.  What are your family traditions?  Remember, you can always make a new family tradition!
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