This is a page about how to help the environment. The Earth is our home, and we need to live here. If we don’t take care of our home, then we won’t survive. 
Each month, there will be a new idea on what you can do to reduce, reuse, and recycle.

​This issue is about Valentine’s Day. Everyone sends cards to friends and family. They also send candy in boxes, and wrap presents in wrapping paper. Here are some ways that you can be a perfect Cupid to your friends and still be the Earth’s valentine.
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  • Send a gift in a reusable bag. This cuts down on waste.
  • When you get a gift in a candy box, keep the box and reuse it for another gift.
  • Recycle your old valentines, instead of finding that they have mysteriously disappeared a few weeks after they are received.
  • ​When you wrap a gift, use recycled wrapping paper. You can also recycle the wrapping paper again after it's used, as long as you don't try to recycle tape.
Did You Know?
  • Reduce the amount of waste this Valentine’s Day and give a promise to do something for somebody else instead of a physical gift.
  • Instead of buying valentines at a store, make your own cards using materials you already have around your home.
Valentine’s Day causes the second most amounts of cards to be sent, being topped only by Christmas.

From http://www.annarbor.com/home-garden/ask-betty-tips-for-a-green-valentines-day----reduce-reuse-recycle/

Check Out These Local Green Activities!
Howard County Nature Conservancy:
  • FEB 9 - Saturday 10 am Amazing Reptiles and Amphibians with Ray Bosmans (Free)
  • FEB 24 - Sunday 3 pm Unlikely Friendships: Remarkable Animal Stories! ($10 per Family)
  • MAR 9 - Saturday 10 am Geocaching: A High Tech Hike with Conservancy Naturalists (Free)
Robinson Nature Center:
  • FEB 9 - Saturday 2-4 PM Winter Crisp Nature Walk with Campfire Treats ($8 per participant; Free, under 3 yrs)
  • FIRST FRIDAY OF EVERY MONTH - First Friday NatureSphere Nights planetarium program (Tickets are $6. Children must be over five years old.)