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In this issue of KidzPost the theme is “Friendship and Love”, so I chose a book about a group of close friends. Enjoy!

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Review and Illustration by Rosa
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Have you ever felt lonely? Have you ever wished for adventure in your life? Have you ever read the classified section of the newspaper? Reynie Muldoon, an orphan with a passion for problem solving, would answer yes to all of these questions.

In the Mysterious Benedict Society, Reynie reads a mysterious advertisement asking for exceptional children. He finds himself in a group of four children picked to go on a dangerous mission. Reynie and his friends Sticky, Constance, and Kate are sent to a dark academy on a secluded island. There they find a disturbing device that sends messages into people's minds. The four friends must find a way to stop a sinister scheme to take over the world.

This book is really fun to read! I chose it for this month because the four kids can't get along at first, but they soon become fast friends. My favorite character is Constance because she is really disagreeable, and she makes up funny poems about people. Anyone who likes adventure, mysteries, or mind games will enjoy this book! There are also three other books in the series if you enjoy it.
The Mysterious Benedict Society
by Trenton Lee Stuart
Review and Illustration by Rosa