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by Sean
Sports Roundtable with 
Avery, Sean and Nic
Are Professional Athletes Overpaid?

I do think that professional athletes are generally overpaid. They get paid to play sports, simply to entertain people, yet are paid hundreds of thousands more than many workers who perform jobs which are absolutely essential to keeping our society in motion. While it could be that these workers are just grossly underpaid, which is part of the problem, a highly payed athlete makes millions, and some of the most famous are some of the richest people around. And this is all for providing entertainment to people. Therefore, I believe that for the most part, professional athletes are overpaid.
Yes, athletes are overpaid because they should not be making more money than the teachers, police and fire departmen, and the people who fight and die for our country.  Sports and entertainment are less important than the education and safety of the citizens.
Ray's Final Days

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Serve it Up!
Watch this video so you can learn how to serve a ping pong ball!
Yes, some athletes are overpaid but others aren't.  I think that the people who dedicate themselves to the sport and work hard 24/7 deserve their salary but people who are not very good people off the field don't deserve what they earn.
People Are Awesome - Best of 2013
Ray Lewis, in his 17th season with the Baltimore Ravens, announced his retirement before the playoffs.  He has been a major influence to the Ravens success in getting to the playoffs.  Although Ray Lewis has 60 more minutes of football left, he is not thinking about retirement.  He is focusing on the Super Bowl game and taking his life one day at a time.  He is the only player to have played in their victory in the Super Bowl of 2001.  Good luck to the Ravens in the Super Bowl and good luck to Ray Lewis as he pursues his life outside of football.
by Sean