Love art and poetry? This is your page!  If we inspire you to write a poem or draw a picture, send it to us at passion2build@comcast.net and we will publish as many as we can.  Make sure it stays with our theme, which for the November issue will be Thanksgiving and Families.

Art and Poetry by Kate
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Art and Poetry by Kate
I Love...
The Importance of Love
​Friendship is important.
Laughter is important.
Love is the extension of friendship and laughter.
Love, laughter, and friendship are all important.
Remember to laugh

​​I love math
I love books
I love friends
I love puppies
I love art
I love music
I love my family
I love laughing
I love Kittens
I love nature
I love soccer
I love football
I love cake
I love swimming
I love sports
I love to giggle
I love pizza
I love bacon
I love Sherlock Holmes
I love Flowers
I love animals
I love Mac n’ Cheese
I love The Capitols
I love omelets
I love ping pong
I love holidays
I love smiles
I love the Ravens
I love Harry Potter
I love Snow
I love the pool
I love Zebras
I love butterflies
I love the color green
I love home-made ice cream
I love the beach
I love the crackling of a fire
I love mismatching socks
I love hot chocolate
I love marshmallows
I love the world